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Hi, I'm Brian (aka "Cat-Pan-Man").  I started LitterWorks in 2005, sort of by accident....  You see, I have a cat named Meegan who would poop on the floor in front of the litter box when we didn't clean it in time.  I had just quit my corporate job, and always fancied myself the inventor type, so I began tinkering....


I had heard about the Littermaid automatic litter box, and got one thinking it would solve the problem.  Well, it did, for about a day, until the little bin overflowed cat poop all over our floor!  A couple of trips to Home Depot, and a little "rough" carpentry later, and I had a working prototype of our elevated litter disposal system!


The next think I knew I was renting warehouse space and looking for contract manufacturers to build the product for me.  That went along for about a year or so and then I decided to go "all in" and set up my own manufacturing facility.  Best decision I ever made.  One of our core values is that we make everything we sell.  We REFUSE to be another importer from China or Vietnam.  We have had plenty of offers (and would make more profit), but we're just not going to do that.  Yes, I have political views around that stuff too....


Anyway, we have since branched out a bit and make lots of other litter box and other cat products as well.  Our other cat products are sold at www.contempocat.com.  These include cat trees, scratchers, beds, etc., with a mostly modern flare.


Return Policy

Our return policy is 30 days from date of purchase for unused product.  Please contact us for a Return Authorization prior to sending anything back.  Please note that for the safety of our warehouse personnel, we cannot receive used litter box items at our warehouse.  Outbound and return shipping is not refundable.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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