The Litter-Bagger (for Scoopfree)


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Delivered Price:  $163.45


If you own a Scoopfree brand self-cleaning litter box, then the Litter-Bagger model LW700-S is a must have accessory that greatly increases the soiled litter storage capacity!  This means that instead of the solids piling up at one end of the box, you can empty our sanitary bagging system every 2 or 3 weeks!


This unit is made of (unfinished) birch ply which can be painted, stained, or varnished. (comes unassembled)


How it Works:

  • The Scoopfree is elevated 11" off of the ground on top of the stand
  • A custom version of our "permanent tray" has a cutout at the end
  • The Scoopfree dumps the waste (through) the cutout which funnels it into the liner below!
  • Since the solids don't accumulate under the hood, odor is greatly reduced
  • This is Universal, and will work with all models of Scoopfree litter boxes


Liner self-dispenses Tie off and cut Remove and tie new knot



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