Liner Refills (6-pack)

$75.99 $79.99

A 6-pack of LitterWorks continuous-feed liner refills. (save $10 over 2 x 3-pack)

Ground Shipping:  $11.95

Delivered Price:  $87.94


Also available from these authorized LitterWorks partners:

  • Contempocat ($89.95 with Free Shipping).  Click here to visit



  • Each box contains about 15 ft. of 24" wide blue plastic "tube".
  • The bottom is formed by tying a knot.
  • After 2 weeks or so, you simply tie off the full portion with a wire tie, cut 2" above the tie, remove and tie another knot!
  • You get about 10 changes per box, so each box should last between 2 and 4 months! 
  • Compatible with all LitterWorks disposal systems ever manufactured.
  • Comes with 2 packs of 25 bag ties   
Liner self-dispenses Tie off and cut Remove and tie new knot


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