New Permanent Tray for Scoopfree self-cleaning litter boxes! November 06 2013

Scoopfree makes a great self-cleaning litter box, that they market in conjunction with pre-filled disposable litter trays.  One of the only drawbacks to the system is that if you have several cats, it can get quite expensive in a hurry!  A smaller issue, in my opinion, is the bulky nature of the trays that have to be discarded.  For one cat, you can go a couple of weeks on a single tray but with 2-3 cats, they have to be changed every 7 - 10 days max.


A demand was created, therefore, for a permanent replacement tray that can be re-filled with crystal litter. 

There are a few benefits to this approach:

  1. Cuts cost of litter
  2. More eco-friendly (less bulky trash)
  3. Trays won't soak through and leak like cardboard disposable ones can over time

One tradeoff is that you do then have to empty the trays and clean them out rather than just throwing it away.  Some customers are actually surprised by this obvious point, but the vast majority of users find it to be a reasonable compromise considering the $$ savings and less trash.  Many customers buy 2 permanent trays so that they can have one to "hot swap".

 In full disclosure, LitterWorks was not the first company to come up with this idea.  The original "permanent tray" is one called the "Forever Litter Tray".  So, why did LitterWorks jump into this market??  The primary reason was because the "Forever Tray" was, for a long time, over-priced.  So, we felt that customers deserved a less expensive option that was of equal quality.   The second reason is that it is "made in China".   Now, I'm not running around with an American flag draped over me by any means, but nevertheless I feel like companies need to go the extra mile in trying to produce domestically, because supporting China industry is a vote against the environment, not to mention our own economy.

Not only do we produce our tray domestically, we produce it IN-HOUSE!!  Yes, we purchased a (relatively) small plastic forming machine and we make these right here, it's actually quite fun!

 Are there any other differences between the LitterWorks "permanent Scoopfree compatible tray" and the "Forever Litter Tray"?  Not really.  They are both the same thickness of plastic, are both durable and both guaranteed not to leak.  From what I can see, our competition provides excellent customer service (as we do), so it really comes down to price, and whether or not you care about the whole "made in China" thing.